Hilleberg Trekking Poles - 145cm

Discussion in 'Everything Else' started by WilliamC, Feb 3, 2020.

  1. WilliamC

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    Hilleberg have partnered with DAC to start producing trekking poles. They extend to 145cm so they might be interesting to those with shelters that may need a longer pole for set up. Not a bad weight for the length but Hilleberg pricing.
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    Don't want to hijack this thread but one solution for good quality, really long hiking poles without breaking the bank is Fischer BCX Variolite backcountry ski poles. For between £50 (clearance) and £70 (regular price), you get two-part aluminium poles with cork handles, flicklocks and carbide tips. They weigh in at 570 grams a pair (46 gr more than the Hillebergs) and extend to 160 cm. Downside is that they dont pack down small as the minimum length is 95cm (it's best to dismantle them for transport which is easy with flicklocks).

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