Hilleberg Naik as Winter tent - any thoughts?

Discussion in 'Shelters & Accessories' started by Peterbob67, Oct 13, 2018.

  1. Peterbob67

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    I am (still) looking for a lightish winter tent for winter use in Scotland; I seem to be going around in circles and chasing my tail!! The right tents doesn’t seem to be there… but then I thought about the Hilleberg Naik, and whilst Hilleberg are very specific about saying this is a 3 season tent, the specs match up to other 4 season tents from other brands.

    For example:

    Lightwave Sigma - 9.35 DAC poles - 20d nylon flysheet

    MSR Access - 9.00 Easton poles - 20d nylon flysheet

    Hilleberg Naik - 9.00 DAC poles (same as those used in all their tents, inc 4 season)- 20d nylon flysheet

    The MSR and Hilleberg both have small gaps at the bottom of the flysheet but in snow this is easily ‘walled’ up. None of these are truly free standing, all require the porch to be pegged.

    The Hilleberg seems to be specced similarly to other 4 season tents, but because the manufacturers stress the tent is only 3 season it makes me wonder ‘am I just being dumb’?

    Does anyone have any thoughts on this or experience with this tent?


  2. dovidola

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    Hilleberg are somewhat more conservative than most other tent manufacturers in their designation of season-suitability imo. You're quite correct in assessing that the specs of their 3-season offerings are similar to some other brands' 4-season products. I think it's because Hilleberg are keen to maintain a reputation for class-leading reliability in adverse conditions. Having said that, I get the impression that more people go with the (slightly heavier) Soulo than the Niak for serious UK winter use.
  3. Taz38

    Taz38 Thru Hiker

    I've been told you can't go wrong with hilleberg for durability. A bit pricey is all, but probably worth it.
  4. Peterbob67

    Peterbob67 Trekker

    It's a hard call. I am tempted by the Naik as I can't find anything to match the specification - 2 people at a touch, and the Soulo is deffo more worthy but heavier and smaller....
  5. dovidola

    dovidola Section Hiker

    Ah. I hadn't noticed the occasional 2-person requirement in your specs - not the Soulo then!

    Have you considered a Tarptent Scarp 1? The latest version was enlarged (slightly) for 1-2 person use, at least that's what its manufacturers claim. A lot of people (on this site and elsewhere) rate it highly for 4-season UK use.

    Or, as a rather offbeat suggestion, how about the timeworn Terra Nova Voyager (standard version)? I still have mine, as in the photo opposite, and find it copes well in foul weather. Snow can build up on the top panel, but the occasional prod from underneath keeps that under control. Terra Nova also do the Southern Cross 2 (the 1 is too small), which I've looked at but not used, which would tick all your boxes but is probably too heavy.

    Have you ruled out mids completely? The best option if low weight is your priority, and I'm assuming you want a decent amount of internal space as you haven't listed Hilleberg's Akto.
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  6. Lady Grey

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  7. cathyjc

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    Looking at the layout diagrams 25cms deep max. for the porch is small IMHO - especially in poor weather when you may very well want to cook under cover.
  8. Peterbob67

    Peterbob67 Trekker

    Thank you all for your help... that said I'm still confused!

    I have a mid and maybe I just stick with that, but as I think everyone know you can't have enough tents as they all do different things and I've only got two!!

    I really fancy free standing and the Crux X1 Assault is an option:


    The porch need pegging but nothing else does.

    I've read mixed reviews of the Southern Cross.

    Ah well, the search goes on!!

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  9. Robin

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  10. tallest of pauls

    tallest of pauls Ultralighter

    I have a naik as my winter tent and like it, Lotsa space for one , good in strong wind(havnt tried it in storm force winds). Porch is fine for one person, I think it would a squish for two, you'd have to leave packs outside.
    Looking forward to using it again this winter:smile:
    Only real negative is when the doors open and it's raining the inner can get wet so you have to be quick!
  11. Peterbob67

    Peterbob67 Trekker

    Thank you tall Paul - I'm pleased to hear that... it looks a belting tent.

    I'll have a look at that one Robin.

    I really want one of the due to be released in 2019 Lightwave Sigma's but they're not yet available, and I need something for winter. Maybe I'll look for something used to tie me over.

    See how all over the shop tents can get you?!
  12. Lang pack

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  13. Diddi

    Diddi Thru Hiker

    Ask to speak to Carol at Crux see if he can speed up delivery of the Lightwave tent ( same company)..
    He liked to keep his customers happy if he possibly could a few years back..
    Worth a try
  14. ROB MOON

    ROB MOON Day Walker

    You shouldn't be dissapointed with hilleberg. The build quality is famously uncompromising. I have three, an enan, soulo and kaitum 2. I haven't used a niak but they do have a good reputation. The secret to hillebergs is the exceptionally high tear resistance of the kerlon material they use, they can take a lot of abuse.

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