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Discussion in 'Gadgets & Tech' started by Munro277, Oct 6, 2018.

  1. Munro277

    Munro277 Thru Hiker

    since I got a new phone in Feb I’ve had problems with ViewRanger . Shows me where I am but the track I record seems to jump a little , so much so that when I upload say a 3000ft ascent it then reads 5-8000 ft. I’ve tried to find the source of problem not helped by the fact I record and map with VR . But upload to Social hiking
    I’ve tried all sorts so much so I manage to get another upgrade after only 6 months thinking maybe it was that actual handset
    Sadly last wknd and today again it’s wrong again .. using an 8 plus and now an X. But I’ve used both these apps perfectly for 4yrs. Anyone ?
  2. Dave V

    Dave V Moderator Staff Member

    On the last trek lite meet on Dartmoor, I logged the route and then when looking over it with Mole he pointed out some discrepancies.

    I've run viewranger alongside OS maps on a separate phone and there is always a difference in distance covered and the tracks do not match up.

    I would imagine there is an issue with the app.
  3. Munro277

    Munro277 Thru Hiker

    They recon not !
  4. Dave V

    Dave V Moderator Staff Member

    I've still got my iPhone, I'll log a walk in the week with viewranger on the iPhone and the then swap over to OS on both devices.
  5. edh

    edh Thru Hiker

    DEM is different in mapping apps; but not to that extent normally.....

    Do you have a track you could share?

    Could try comparison by running another mapping app in parallel as per DV.

    Is the phone in contact with another device acquiring a GPS fix (physically or close by) - a SPOT or somesuch?
  6. Munro277

    Munro277 Thru Hiker

    If you could DM me your email I’m more than happy to let you have a track to look at , I’m that naffed off I’m happy for you to have my full login and you can see all the bad routes since Feb . As for the last question not that I know of Edh
  7. Gneiss Boots

    Gneiss Boots Backpacker

    How about the refresh / sample rate? If the phone is checking location every 10 mins say rather than continuously it is easy to see how your track distance would be different to others that maintain a constant plot of distance walked. No doubt straight lines between points while the proper plot would show bends and curves? Just a thought as you say 'jump a little' .
  8. Munro277

    Munro277 Thru Hiker

    Ta. It’s set to continuos as far as I know
  9. Nevis

    Nevis Section Hiker

    I had a similar issue a couple of years ago, i just synced the view ranger app to the "my view ranger" on my PC then deleted the app and re downloaded the app. Worked perfect after that. I've found that if say five of us head out and we all set it going at the same time and press end at the same time the stats will all be different, not by much though, say half a km in distance and fifty meters in height.
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  10. Munro277

    Munro277 Thru Hiker

    With advice from Edh and others I’ve removed the app redownloaded it and re down loaded all my maps and elevation files. Fingers crossed and thanks
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  11. edh

    edh Thru Hiker

    :angelic: I'm pleading the Fifth Amendment.
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