Gossamer Gear Thinlight Evazote Pad Clone Now Available in the UK

Discussion in 'Sleep Mats' started by tullochgorum, Feb 26, 2020.

  1. tullochgorum

    tullochgorum Trekker

    Hi folks

    I always fancied one of the thin GG evazote pads they sell in the US, where it's been very popular with the thru-hiker community. But the cost of re-importing into the UK was prohibitive.

    Tried to organise a group buy, but it wasn't very practical. So managed to persuade UltralightOutdoorGear.co.uk to get some made up. Their version is nearly identical to the GG version, except it's in a fetching yellow that will be familiar to Karrimat users.

    I did promise them that I'd announce the product to this group once they finally got around to stocking it (turned out to be a long-term project).

    This is truly a multi-use piece of gear. For the seriously hard core it's a stand-alone sleeping mat. For the rest of us it adds around 0.5 R if used under an inflatable pad, and helps protect it from puncture. It can also help keep your pad in place on a slippy groundsheet. It's a sit/kneel/lie mat on the trail and around camp. You can use it as a support for a frameless pack. You can lay your gear out on it in the morning when you're packing. People have wrapped it around their chest for emergency insulation. It can be used as a splint. And it's great for herding marmots...

    Not bad for 74g. Pack volume is around 2.5 liters.

    I've been using a Plastazote mat for this, but it's heavier and very bulky. This is a better solution.

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  2. edh

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    The GG Thinlite (mines about 8 years old) is OK, but a bit delicate.
  3. tullochgorum

    tullochgorum Trekker

    Yeah - I assumed it would need careful handling being so thin. But the Plastazote mats are pretty delicate too.

    The thin Evazote will be a lot more packable than the Plastazote, and probably a bit tougher too. The only benefit of the Plastazote is a bit more insulation value if you need it - I carry a high R-value pad so that's less of a priority for me.

    The GG version of the Evazote mat has literally dozens of 5* reviews, so I'm hoping it holds up OK in the field.
  4. Cranston

    Cranston Thru Hiker

    Thanks for putting this up. Been looking for a while. Still beyond me though I think. Would work a treat under my Onda though.:thumbsup:
  5. Chiseller

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    I'm holding out for the sarek gear Ultrawide. It's heavier but the width is a winner and by the time I've trimmed it down, it should be around 100g. For the comfort and ground cover of the extra width 26g is small penalty. I'll be using it without an air pad.
  6. tullochgorum

    tullochgorum Trekker

    "I'll be using it without an air pad"

    That's pretty hard-core! When I was a kid I could sleep on anything, but these days I need a nice, thick pad...

    The Sarak on his site right now is a touch narrower but around 40 cm longer, I think. More than I need, plus the price is rather steep when you factor in the shipping.

    Has he told you he's doing a wider one? When I was getting quotes from fabricators, the max width they had in stock was 50cm, but Multimat do have products as wide as 57cm, so it obviously exists if you can find it. It would be an investment though - you have to buy a whole block which they cut to your specs.
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  9. Robin

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    que? I’ve used it for years. Cut to shape. Job done.
  10. Mole

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    Yep. It's good tough stuff. I use it 0.75m wide as a winter footprint.

    Density 150g/m² vs the 129g/m² of the Sarek gear material ...

    So, for example, if cut to the same size as the standard Sarek mat (190x48cm =118g) it would weigh 136.8g.

    I've a 30yr old friend who only started using any mat at all this summer! But she has only camped above freezing temperatures. She used a Klymit UL holey mat I gave her on the Lycian way recently. Funnily enough it came from William in Turkey to me.
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  11. Chiseller

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    For the weight :wideyed:
  12. Robin

    Robin Moderator Staff Member

    ??? Hardly any difference in weight
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  15. Chiseller

    Chiseller Thru Hiker

    Tesco have some Eva mats with a foil backer (or frontier) in at £5.99 . They look very similar to the ones I picked up from Halfords last year. Around 5mm and ridiculously light.
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