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  1. turkeyphant

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    Seems a couple of members have received theirs and it's still only $30.

    What are people's thoughts so far? And how vital is not breath-inflating?
  2. turkeyphant

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  3. Lempo

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    The material is nice and soft, brushed feel. It's over the spec weight. Mine is mummy one, and it's 256g with the storage bag. I bought it with the mini pump, which is about 80g. Works ok, and rechargeable. You can blow it up with relative ease, not so sure about breath-inflating in general. I may have a different valve than @Pala2 who says his has a twist & lock for easy deflation whereas I haven't found that to be the case in mine which makes the deflating a real pain as you need one finger to hold the valve down and two hands to roll it up. It doesn't really compute.
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  4. kvragu

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    Comments on the indiego page seem horrendous. Does it seem worth getting?
  5. Lempo

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    The product seems fine, but it's over the initial spec weight and the company's comms were rubbish. I find the mat terrible to deflate.

    I think @Pala2 and @tom bought ones as well but they say they have a better valve. Lads, can you chime in and maybe post a photo of the valve?
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