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    I just posted this on /r/ultralight but wanted to share it here as well for all of you that don't hang around there.

    In my search for a down quilt with closed footbox inside EU I came across Khibu, which is a small Hungarian cottage company. The Khibu Magma topquilt looked excellent and I contacted Kornél, the owner, and asked for a few custom options. He is very friendly and easy to work with and the contact went smoothly even in these troubled times.

    Last week, 6 weeks from ordering, I had the quilt in my hand and I'm very very pleased. This is my first quilt and I haven't used it yet so take everything I say with a grain of salt. I wanted to make this first impression rather quickly since this is a company that I've rarely seen discussed around here.

    Khibu instagram
    From my living room and the Khibu workshop

    Alright, enough talking. Here's the specs:
    10D grey outher and 10D black inner (although the colors look a little different on the photos from the cutting board and in my living room)

    X-long and wide since I'm 2.03m (6'8) and it's my first quilt. The length/width were 210x145/100 cm (83x57/39 inch) for the unfilled shell.

    400g (14.1 oz) of 850 FP down (900US)

    Closed footbox and draft collar

    Weigth is 631g (22.3 oz) and is conservatively rated to -1 °C (30F)

    Price was 280 € (315$) which I think is fair since both size, fill and fabric is custom. The standard Magma on his website is quite a bit cheaper.

    First impressions are really good. The stitching is excellent and it lofts really well, couldn't be happier. I'm looking forward to test it on a 16 hike on the High Coast in Sweden this summer to further expand my thoughts about it.
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    Good find.
    Their stuff looks good especially the winter tarp for about £ 70 if my conversation is correct.

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