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  1. Bmblbzzz

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    Classic! Guess that made a large omelette...
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    Why not carry your eggs in a nice padded Chicken/ Self carrying egg device?

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  4. MartinK9

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    Good luck getting eggs from that Rooster?
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  5. Teepee

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    Hens can wear hiking harnesses too. :)
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  6. Piiber Teravhammas

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    It is a modern world...

    I have used something like this on shorter trips
    I think that most us have base weight that is low enough to have some luxury items like fresh eggs and beer on shorter trips.
  7. Clare

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    That’s getting a bit political now ..
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  8. cathyjc

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    An enormous great big "Cock **" if you ask me :cry:.
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  12. Lamont-Cranston

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    Will you lot get serious
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  14. Bmblbzzz

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    The armour-plated egg box kept all six eggs safe until the third day, by which time it was empty. I then filled it with very small onions... and later with tortellini. Even though by then the rubber band keeping it closed had broken,* none spilt. Or split. However, on the morning of the sixth and final day, I found that the armour plating had come loose due to the dew softening the glue I'd used. I don't think its lack made any difference really.

    *One of the friends I met up with promised me a whole bag full of ex-Royal Mail rubber bands... Gee, thanks!
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