Drybaking sans windscreen

Discussion in 'Kitchen' started by slovhike, Aug 4, 2018.

  1. slovhike

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    To hide from untolerable heat forest retreat was only option...while dozing in the hammock food was on the stove...forgot to pack windscreen for drybaking but was tempted to give it a go just the same...a bit more time/fuel is needed..
    20180804_112558.jpg 20180804_113912.jpg 20180804_114937.jpg 20180804_122302.jpg
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  2. SafetyThird

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    Do you put anything between the two pans to create an airgap?

    Looks very tasty
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  3. Bopdude

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  4. slovhike

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    @SafetyThird no as theres no need...just make sure to use a esbit/alcohol simmer mode..if using gas you'll need something in between the stove head and pot to prevent warp...
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  5. slovhike

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  6. SafetyThird

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    thanks. Was planning to use my stormin' meths stove as I have the simmer ring for it. Just need to cut the rim off the baking tin I have as it's not quite small enough to fit in my pot.

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