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Discussion in 'Kitchen' started by Shewie, Jun 18, 2014.

  1. Enzo

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    Chickpea flour I think is gram flour. Isn't that what bhajis are made with?
    I've dehydrated canned refried beans before, they were nice but it's all a bit of a hassle. Garlic powder doesn't smell all that I'll agree!
  2. Teepee

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    The gram flour im using is a mix of yellow split and Chick peas. It goes well in houmous, helps to make it a bit creamier.
    Making some houmous on the trail would be great, I'm sure it could be premixed so you could just add the water and fat, then stir the hell out of it.
  3. Enzo

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    You can already buy dry hummus mix, by the reviews I've seen it needs oil adding to improve it.
    Agree if it can be made to taste good it'd be a winner.
    Calorie wise, if you loaded it with olive oil it'd probably end up high hundreds per 100g
  4. Padstowe

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    Hummus is a very good for energy, not just for the olive oil but for the tahini too imo, which has both B1 & B6 to help with energy production.
    (olive oil, tahini & cacao powder is very nice mix to dip)
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  5. WilliamC

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    You can buy chickpea flour for making humus here in Turkey, but I'm pretty sure it's different from gram flour. I've tried using it as a gram flour substitute with poor results. I suspect that gram flour is made from raw chickpeas whereas the chickpea flour for making humus is cooked.
    Humus made from the flour is not as good as the real thing, but it's acceptable. It really does need tahini to make it work though.
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  6. tarptent

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    I like to keep my camping food cheap, simple, light, compact and tasty. I usually use 65g packs of instant noodles, which only need 200ml of water to rehydrate them, and I and use three per day. Obviously you don't get that much flavour out of the flavouring sachets supplied with them so I always add extra ingredients to "bump up" the flavour, and nutritional value too. Half a Knorr Chicken stock cube does wonders on it's own, but I also add some mixed herbs, mixed black and white pepper and some fried onions too.

    However, the energy content of instant noodles isn't that great (about 150kcals/100g), so recently I have started adding some vegetable suet (815kcals/100g) to increase the energy content...It doesn't need much..1 Teaspoon is enough, or the noodles will be too greasy, making the inside on my pot harder to wipe clean afterwards.

    And even more recently I discovered "well matured cheese power" from Taste Sensation (£7.95 for 500g, inc. postage.). It lasts for at least a year from the purchase date without refrigeration, offers a lovely cheesy taste, and 550kcals/100g...Again, 1 teaspoon of it is plenty...It's powerful stuff.
    I went back to their site earlier and discovered they do pretty much every type of veg out there in powdered form...Beetroot Carrot, Brocolli, you name it, they have it, so I may add some more powdered ingredients to the list later.

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