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    One thing I do, and it looks a little like Shrewie might also do the same, is to double-pack some things. That is, to put one container inside another, to hopefully prevent leakage. But the only thing I actually do that with is skin ointment and it happens that I use that more than anything else, at least in cold weather. The tin container it comes in gets greasy all over, so I put it inside yet another tin container, which mostly solves the problem. Other things, like sun block, go in little flat screw top plastic containers which never seem to leak. I've never used anything that had a nozzle unless it came that way and I don't have anything now that has one. This is not to say that none of my outfit doesn't still have issues, minor though they may be. Personally, I find that a piece of soap (after it's been used) is as difficult to pack as anything else, although it's way down on my list of problems, probably close to the bottom, in fact.

    Anyone use an all-purpose soap or detergent, good for washing your body, your clothes or your cooking and eating things?
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    Dr Bronners as soap. You can get small spray bottles and spray abit deodorant into it, only do it for train journeys home.Use talc on feet everynight after washing.
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    I use olive oil soap for everything - bar washing teeth.
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    Dr Bronners packs well in drinking straws. An inch or so of it in a medium thickness straw is enough to have a really lathery shower and hair wash. It's oily enough to run out of the straw without having to cut both ends off. So if you are overnighting somewhere with facilities you can just snip one end before going to the shower. I've been using the peppermint stuff for everything for about 6 months. It works out super cheap to use at home too if you buy it in litre bottles. Far far far less expensive than shower gels.

    I've started doing this with hand sanitizer too. It's worth the effort if you sit down to do a few trips worth as it makes the bother of cleaning the syringe and so on worth it.
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    I have a new system for this which I'm pretty pleased with.

    Lush sell these little tins of cream for £1 (I don't like the moisturiser, and throw it out):

    Cleaned out, the tin weighs just 3g, is robust and infinitely reusable.

    With three of these, and a few compressed towels, I have a complete skincare trail kit for a week weighing 50 grams!
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    I bought a bulk pack of 5ml screw top aluminum tins. Vaseline and toothpaste powder in mine
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    @edh which of those cream containers in the links you've suggested hold tight and don't leak cream etc. when its 25C plus?
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    Ummmm.... I'll have a think
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    I haven't read the whole thread (in case someone's already said it) , but, for sun cream and foot cream I put a squeeze of it into a few tiny zip lock bags - depending of length of trip. Weighs nothing - and I've never had any problem with it leaking.

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