Dealing with xpac vx21

Discussion in 'DIY & MYOG' started by craige, Apr 19, 2015.

  1. slovhike

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    thanks @Enzo @craige @paul

    I`ve got X21 RC in lovely yellow and wanted to show the GRID even more by turning the shinny side out....
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  2. Enzo

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    Its good stuff :thumbsup:
    Just don't make any mistakes, the holes show!
  3. slovhike

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  4. Enzo

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    Looks like x21rc may not have the problem if its related to the big x grid. Still a bit expensive from extrem TeX though....
  5. slovhike

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    Patrick at BPL made backpack with TX07 inverted and didnt have any abrasion resistance as per him "I made the pack with the tx07 inverted, so the purple/lavender is on the outside. I have a KS pack that was constructed in that way. I liked it and didn’t have abrasion problems." .....
  6. Enzo

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    For me the extra strength / durability of x21rc is worth the weight.
  7. slovhike

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    @Teepee @Enzo as xpac is non stretchy I have hard time sewing curve the posh looking can be done but I would want more of my do you do the curved seam with xpac?
  8. Teepee

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    @slovhike.. yep, it's tricker than other pack cloths to get a curve looking neat. It's behaves more like paper.

    Try and reduce the severity of the curve in the design.
    Double sew the line.
    Keep the seam allowance down around the curve, 5mm is enough for X-pac.
    You can iron it into shape sometimes.
    Swear at it until it behaves (doesn't always work)

    Cutting slits perpendicular to the seam in the seam allowance will allow it to expand and contract, and follow the curve closely. The need to do this increases with seam allowance width and curve. On a less stressed area, these slits can go nearer to the seam line (be careful no to cut right up to the seam line, and keep slit length constant). The tighter the curve, the closer together the slits need to be.......for a really tight curve, I've had to use 5mm spaced slits before(like the end of a strap) Push the pieces out with scissors that are misshapen before sewing the second line.
    This is a very useful technique for all sorts of non-stretchy fabrics

    It does bed in a lot, the curve will soften in use and look a lot neater. Different grades curve better than others too. Sewing another layer inside, like a mesh for example, often negates the need to slit and the curve will often look neat as is,

    It can be a bit of a dark art with thicker X-pac , but sew a few curves and you get a feel for whether it need slitting, or how many to add. :)
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    @Teepee some good points I did lots of tyvek sewing I reckon it behaves similar when cutting the slits around the curved seam line....will's how the curve came out :D 20181010_124506_1539169086291_resized.jpg
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