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Discussion in 'Kitchen' started by Jamess, Sep 8, 2018.

  1. Lempo

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    Pitta bread? Is this for trail? I'd take olive oil sachet with, otherwise it might be a bit dry.

    Also just found these (I'm not sponsored by Asda, promise).

    High calorie sachets, just chuck in with that Trail meal curry and instantly you get lots more calories.
  2. Cranston

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    Yep, let it cool and break it up. 1800 Kjs for 100 gms. With the oil must be 2200 kjs or so. Nicely oily if you really brush it on. Miight not be what you think? Pita bread here is often fluffy a bit inside. This is almost cardboard thin. Sold using the Maltese word - sounds a bit like (X)obs. Hobs.
  3. Lempo

    Lempo Thru Hiker

    Depends on the Pitta. The ones Kabab shops sell here is thin, oval shaped and then there's the round fluffier version sold in shops. So, like a wrap, Tortilla or Roti. Hell, even Finns have their own version, Rieska.


    PS. I miss PitaPit.
  4. Cranston

    Cranston Thru Hiker

    No different to them. But any flat bread would work. The oven will remove most/all of the moisture. A fan of our native Macadamia?
  5. Bmblbzzz

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    We have a small chain of cafes/takeaways here called Eat a Pitta. Their pittas are okay but they deserve a medal for cheesiest name! Which might be ironic considering everything they do (pittas, falafels) is vegan. :confused:
  6. Lempo

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    I had some stale tortillas, and I chopped them up, splashed a bit of olive oil and seasoning and fried them in airfryer and they turned out better than your average nachos.

    The nut? Not my at most favourite, but tend to buy them from time to time, as they are low in carbs. I eat low carb most of the time, on trail it's not so easy, and if there are climbs, then I gladly have the extra energy.
  7. PhilHo

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    Bagels keep well so does cheese and pickle. Just combine and eat with a bag is crisps. I've also put Primula cheese spread from a tube on bagels.
  8. Lempo

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    Also available in the UK apparently...

    Screenshot 2019-10-30 at 21.55.52.jpg
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  9. Cranston

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    Got to feed those Ozzies good nutritional food. Nice hefty price. About double to triple. Profiteering on an essential food item. Reporting it to Brussels...for now.
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  10. Lempo

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    But we have plenty of dirt cheap Pommie junk food in the local Tesco Megastore.
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  11. edh

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    Soft biscuits, 24% olive oil, cinnamon, aniseed. Around 4.4kcal/g
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  12. Cranston

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  13. Foxster

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  14. PhilHo

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    More available in UK M&S All Butter Flapjack Mini Bites 4.6cal/g

  15. zomarzi

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  16. zomarzi

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    Feta cheese in Virgin Olive Oil with tasty toppings.

    Place opened Feta in a leakproof container pour over as much olive oil to your liking as it's a preservative as well as tasty to eat.
    Toppings are endless or to your taste. Black Pepper, Thyme, Oregano, Chilli Powder to name a few . Once sprinled on top spoon oil over gently so it adhere's to the cheese.
    Can be eaten with bread. crisps, stale bread or sprnkled into a salad, endless options. If you like Feta of course.
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  17. zomarzi

    zomarzi Hiker

    Boiled Rice.

    The trick with boiling rice is to take it away from direct heat after cooking for 5mns and to stir it only once, insulate the container with the rice for another 5/8 mns then back onto direct heat for a further 5mns then ins. again. leave for 15/20 mns check if done. Rice loves to cook slowly in it's own steam and heat. Only stir once.
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  18. Heltrekker

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    Home-made flapjack. Recipe varies, I just chuck in a mixture of dried fruit, grains, nuts, coconut. I break it into bite size chucks, good as a breakfast, lunch or trail snack, and lasts for over a week even in hot weather.
    Home made jerky, either plain or spiced
    Individualy wrapped portions of hard cheese
    Salami/chorizo/cured ham
    Rice or pasta salad for day trips - selection of cooked pasta or rice with raisins, sweetcorn, onion, sweet pepper, ham chunks, cooked chicken, tuna, home made oil based dressing for some extra cals
    Wraps or pitta
    And Clif bars - I'm a sucker for Clif bars!!!!
  19. Rmr

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    I am now hungry
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