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  1. cathyjc

    cathyjc Thru Hiker

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  2. EM - Tacblades

    EM - Tacblades Ultralighter

    I liked it its kind of all about that
  3. EM - Ross

    EM - Ross Thru Hiker

    I'm right fussy of who I backpack or 'wildcamp' with. If not on my own it's a group of folk I've known for years. I'm in a club but rarely go on meets these days. I'll take a gamble from time to time 'cos I know there are some canny people out there who I might get on with. The last gamble no one else turned up but that was cool! I can rub along with most people but as I get older I don't want to be making allowances for other folks sensibilities when on the hill. No need of that with the lads I backpack with!
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  4. gixer

    gixer Thru Hiker

    It's tough finding a hiking buddy you can get along with, vast vast majority of my hikes are day hikes, have a couple of mates that i usually go with and we get along great, they don't like camping though.

    Not really at the point of my life where i need to test myself, so unless i can be assured it'll be enjoyable i not bother camping.
    If the camp spot hasn't got fantastic views and the weathers not great then i'll just not bother, i'd sooner day hike instead.

    Want to start getting out more on the Greek mountains but am struggling to find someone that a/ wants to go and b/ i'd want to spend any time with, after a couple of years of trying hiking groups and the like i'll just head out on my own.

    Mrs isn't against camping and enjoys the odd hike, but has smoked for 30 years so can't cope with any ascent.

    Had mates come on dfay hikes that have bought their Mrs or girlfriends, they love the idea of hiking but seem to struggle on ascents and don't bother again, that's both the blokes and women though.

    Interestingly on my trail runs i see far more women than men (trail running), must be about 8 women to every 2 blokes i see.
  5. cathyjc

    cathyjc Thru Hiker


    I do some trips with family but that isn't going to work all the time.

    I'd like to find one or 2 folks who like/do the same type of outdoors stuff I do. Still looking ….……going on meets/forums is one of the few ways of sussing out 'new friends'.
  6. Mole

    Mole Thru Hiker

    I must be lucky. I have quite a few different friends who are into doing similar things. There's a range of options for what we will undertake. I was very lucky in meeting the chaps I'm with on my recent Scottish Trip report - we were on the same TGO in 2011, and just got along well. Meet every year for a backpacking trip or 2. Nothing much needs to be said about what/how we are doing. We trust each other. I have other friends like that - nearer and further way.

    I rarely have a problem getting along with people who are up for getting out there. It's making/finding the time to walk with which is the problem.
    I walk with lots of different folk. Some camp some don't. Some scramble and climb, but dislike camping much. Some like camping but not into long walks. Some don't do anything but long walks. Some can't/won't navigate to any serious degree and rely on others, some think they can, but I wouldn't want to rely on them! Some, like me always want to learn about new stuff, others are just not interested. It takes all sorts. One has to make allowances in life - doesn't stop me bitching though sometimes:happy:
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  7. Robin

    Robin Moderator Staff Member

    I know the TGO Challenge is not for everyone but one of the great features is the ability to walk solo or to walk with others. It's nice to have the option to pick up and drop people at will. Most of the people I've met have been good people and there's a wide variety of characters. I've generally walked half solo and half in company. I'm going to miss it this year, but I'll do some shorter trips, some solo, others in company.
  8. Shewie

    Shewie Administrator Staff Member

    I noticed on the TGOC that first timers walking pairs or threes tended to be less sociable than the solo walkers, less likely to mingle at the hot spots if you like, whereas the solo walkers met a good mix of folk on their crossing.

    I'd like to do my route again, with a hammock, and east to west :)
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  9. Baldy

    Baldy Thru Hiker

    still looking :(
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  10. Lady Grey

    Lady Grey Thru Hiker

    Nobody would want to walk with me anyway....:(:(:(
  11. cathyjc

    cathyjc Thru Hiker

    OK OK, you 2 :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes: - I'll go walking with you :p;)
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  12. edh

    edh Thru Hiker

    You might have a long wait...:angelic:
  13. Creamy

    Creamy Section Hiker

    I have known 4 woman who have been active in mountain or wild environments.
    These are my mother who rode trails usually with her sister or other female friends but did odd solos.
    My X wife who climbed, hiked in many parts of the world not always with me but sometimes solo
    2 other female friends who have both done some big hikes world known both solo at times.
    None of these woman have ever had a bad or unsafe experience, being threatened or anything negative whilst in any activity.

    All 4 have had bad things from assault to muggings in large conurbations

    Simple in my experience girls u is safer in the hills
    My mum always said that from the 60s to the 90s.

    Still take care. Bears don't care who they steal food from!
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  14. cathyjc

    cathyjc Thru Hiker

    Creamy, I agree.

    If some 'person' was looking to 'attack' a female they're not going to wait around on some mountain on the off chance of one passing ……they'd be waiting a long time :angelic:

    Weather can be far more dangerous.
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  15. Creamy

    Creamy Section Hiker

    Cathy. As Nike say. Just do it!!!
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  16. Lady Grey

    Lady Grey Thru Hiker

    Agree, Creamy; most likely attacks in conurbations, not in the hills.:rolleyes:
    Can vouch for that.
    Never had a problem walking/hiking/trekking/climbing alone, high up, away from populations.:D
    Get down to sea level and, hey, it all happens there...........:arghh:
    Males breaking into bedroom at night...NOT in Europe tho'....
    Early hours in African Bus Station.
    Latin American incidents where only the pepper spray was saving grace.
    Could go on, but the thousands of good times far outweigh the bad incidents.
    You have to end up looking more scary than your perpetrator....SO, who'd want to walk with me now....:(:(:(
    Only Cathy:D.
    Oh, Hubby...sometimes:rolleyes:....rarely.....
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  17. EM - Luisifer

    EM - Luisifer Trail Blazer

    Kinda what I go for...what's scarier than talibans? Under my scarf the beard is quite loooong.
    Hmm...I guess that scares everyone away...even potential friends :-D
  18. Teepee

    Teepee Thru Hiker

    A potential friend who doesn't apreciate frosted beard icicles has no potential. :)
  19. EM - Luisifer

    EM - Luisifer Trail Blazer

    You don't live in Sweden...(maybe u do, I assume not)
  20. paul

    paul Thru Hiker

    I am generally always tail end charlie on big mile days and it weighs heavily on my mind that im slowing folk down. Matching up fitness levels is an important thing. @Shewie and @Teepee have spent plenty of time getting cold on hills while i catch up. For some reason they still let me come :D
  21. craige

    craige Thru Hiker

    I half agree with that Paul. @Scotty Von Porkchop is a lot fitter than me but anyone else I go out with normally isn't (for walking anyway). It never bothers me and just gives me more time to look around and enjoy myself. I love a 30 mile day, but a 10 miler is just as enjoyable if the scenery and company are good. If Shewie and Teepee weren't happy with you slowing them down then surely you wouldn't get an invite?
  22. Teepee

    Teepee Thru Hiker

    Fortunately for Sweden, no. :) I do always feel at home in Norway and Sweden though, would like to eventually move over for a while. It's been a spritual home for many years. A cabin in the woods near Kiruna would be quite nice. :)
  23. Lady Grey

    Lady Grey Thru Hiker

    A cabin in any wood would be nice:D
  24. Scotty Von Porkchop

    Scotty Von Porkchop Ultralighter

    @paul and @craige waiting 10 minutes at a fork in the road or view for someone to catch up is really nothing to worry about. Much more important is a hiking buddy that you can spend days away with, eat together, camp together and still enjoy your time together like it was a half hour in the pub.
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  25. Creamy

    Creamy Section Hiker

    Well put svp
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