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    Hi, I'm Adam. I like hiking and the outdoors and have done for a long time but only really 'got into it' properly in the last few years. Have done the Camino Francis, West Highland Way, and Camino Via de la Plata in the last 18 months and hopefully more to come if Covid doesn't slow me down too much. Ramblers member. Eyeing up the Israel National Trail.

    I'm not really 'ultralight', more 'lightweight', because I don't think it's worth it for me and the distances I do.
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  3. Rmr

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    Welcome, any kind of light will do, except for your wallet, enjoy the site.
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    Haha. I've looked at getting an Atom Pack many times. Or maybe a Zpacks DCF tent. Need my wallet to live a bit longer though.
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    Afternoon all, been lurking a while and thought I'd finally join. Live down South but enjoy getting out to the hills. Done a lot of exploring of the Lakes while trying to do the Wainwrights, particularly enjoy getting off the paths. Only done a few overnighters including a great 3 day trip to Dartmoor this summer and would like to do more (including doing some more MM when events starts again). Experienced walker, runner and orienteer but to start could do with a lighter rucksack!
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    Hi all. Thought I better head over here and introduce myself.
    Live in Swiss Alps at 1850m. Fortunate to spend much of my time outdoors hiking, biking, camping, skinning and skiing.

    Fairly comfortable distance hiking and camping, but looking to get into extended duration hikes (if family commitments and crazy global pandemics permit)

    Going “Lightweight” (<5kg base) has made a huge difference to my hiking pace, ability to handle the extreme elevation changes and enjoyment of the mountains.

    Thanks all - everybody has been incredibly helpful and welcoming

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