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  1. Hi all
    I,m Phil living in Yorkshire on the edge of the NYM.Started backpacking late 70,s and after a long break got back into it a couple of years ago.Found this site and lurked a while before joining and have just got round to saying hello,really enjoying the wide range of topics,lots of food for thought
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  2. Svinetun

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    Hello, I'm Monika and I live in Tr√łndelag, Norway. I love hiking in the forest and up towards the mountains. I rarely get to the mountains themselves as I only go for daytrips, but my trips become longer and longer each year, so maybe I'll evolve to camping when the summer comes. While googling I came upon a conversation about inflatable snowshoes I wanted to join in on, so I signed up.
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  4. Svinetun

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    Thanks Shewie! Now I'm off for a hike with my new inflatable snowshoes, hurrah!
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