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Discussion in 'Kitchen' started by Rmr, May 10, 2020.

  1. Enzo

    Enzo Thru Hiker

    Surprising how hard it is to find ultralight screw top cups. No wonder people repurpose nut butter containers. My issue with them is that all the ones I've tried don't like hot drinks.
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  2. Padstowe

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    Have you tried replacing the seal in the lid with a silicone seal cut from a silicone baking dish?
    (Idea from whiteburn's seal for his stove)
  3. Mole

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    I often use a Nalgene Hdpe 16oz/500ml bottle.
    75g(!) but multi use as water bottle, sealable hot drink mug/flask or shaker. And hot water bottle.

    Coffee or tea sort of stain it, but a bleach solution soak and it's as good as new.

    I also use the Addis 330ml as JKM showed (64g). I use these for work most days as a milk container (to go with the tea from my 1litre thermos)

    Or rarely the Nalgene 250ml screw top (38g)

    Both the latter also handle hot drinks (Inc the lid seal)
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  4. WilliamC

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    Phew, I thought that was going to end with, "And pee bottle!"
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  5. Mole

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  6. Enzo

    Enzo Thru Hiker

    Not seen the soto thermostack before. Looks quite nifty.
    Searched on YouTube and saw this. Skip to 12 mins for coffee stuff.
    Bit involved for me.

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  7. Jim_Parkin

    Jim_Parkin Trail Blazer

    I remember hearing Ranulph Feinnes on the radio once describing one of his arctic expeditions in the 1990s. He broke his (glass) thermos which meant he had two choices abandon the expedition or the option which he chose, which was to repurpose his pee bottle as both for the rest of the expedition.

    I think he also said that he hates the cold as well.
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  8. Phil-s

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  9. Robert P

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    This photo from today is a rarity: I think it may only be the second time I have ever made a hot drink on a day walk; and it is a year or two since I last used a gas stove. Must have been feeling laid back today.

    The Tetra Drip from Valley and Peak is light, the coffee was Lavazza Super Crema (ground at home, not on the hill... there are limits).

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