Climbers rescued in blizzard after scaling Ben Nevis in trainers

Discussion in 'Media Links' started by Lempo, Feb 11, 2020.

  1. Rog Tallbloke

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    Widow's peak.
  2. Balagan

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  3. Balagan

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    Sassenach this way -》
  4. Baldy

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    The problem seems to be with those without English as their first language. I think they assume a ‘tourist path’ is a safe option. Using their eyes and common sense..:frown:
  5. dovidola

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    I believe that any policy which shifts the onus of responsibility for safety from the prospective hiker to another agency sets a dangerous precedent (personal injury lawyers' and sensationalist press interests notwithstanding).
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  6. Balagan

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    I'm pretty certain the man on the omnibus with English as his first and only language would fail your test. :D:whistling:
  7. Michael_x

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    One of the things I tend to do before hiking in a new, to me, hilly location is read through the incident reports of the local MRT. That way if I ever do something really stupid and need to call for help there is the hope that it will at least be something novel and original.

    From reading such I find it striking, given how many tourists that Ben Nevis, Snowdon, Scafell Pike, etc, get, that the number of call outs is so comparatively tiny.
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  8. Baldy

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    I haven’t got a clue
  9. cathyjc

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    Insert "Clapham Omnibus" ??

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