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    I have a 2 and a 1/2year old and I spend a lot of time, and really enjoy, reading to/with him. I thought it would be interesting to share some relevant books here and I’d love some ideas of what book you’d recommend, in keeping with imparting my/our passion for nature, adventure, conservation (etc).

    To start:

    Alistair Humphrey’s Great Adventurers
    - a selection of short stories about adventurers who inspired Alistair. Lots of pics, kit lists, etc. I probably get more out of this book story-wise than my son, but he loves pointing out things in the pictures that he knows - canoe, plane, tent, etc. I think he’ll keep on rediscovering this one as he grows and his understanding of the world also growns but I couldn’t not buy it now!

    Oliver Jeffers This Moose Belongs to Me
    - shortish picture book about a boy who owns a moose. In the end it turns out that he doesn’t own the moose because, we’ll, the moose is a wild animal. Great nature pictures/illustrations and a good message.

    Will be good to have some recommendations!

  2. cathyjc

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    Katie Morag stories.
    The stories are very gentle and set on a Scottish island. But the real selling point is the illustrations - beautifully detailed pictures of landscapes.
    Small children (well mine anyways) love looking and searching and finding all the little details - this skill leads into deciphering codes later on (ie. reading).
    Assuming small children need simplified line drawings in story books is "selling them short" IMHO.
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  3. cathyjc

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    And "Hairy McClary" (and friends) series :D:inlove:.
    Not particularly 'outdoorsie' but just so much fun and the words just "roll" off your tounge. :thumbsup:.
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  4. Davy

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    Hairy Maclary from Donaldson's Dairy was a big hit with our two.

    Eldest has read a load of Bear Grylls stuff, not sure where he got them from, not really much good for a 2.5 year old... Will look into the Alistair Humphries books.
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  5. Taz38

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    You can't beat "We're going on a bear hunt".
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    For when they get a little older, went well with our 4-5yr old.
    The illustrations and story is great. I bought it for myself to read to the kids :D

    Armstrong, by Torben Kuhlmann.
  7. Jim_Parkin

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    Yes, Katie Morag's ace - we bumped into the author's daughter on Coll once - you could see the resemblence. I agree on the illustrations, and generally not being lazy in kids books - my kids were given one, which nearly rhymed and the first two lines *still* annoy me:
    "Christmas is coming and it's snowing in the woods
    And all the little children are trying to be good"

    Also good, and quite distinctively New Zealand, too.
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    My daughter's Bronze DofE expedition goal was filming that: "Oh no a grassy field, a flat* grassy field..." One of her friends spent a lot of time wearing a hat with bear ears.

    *I could spot the bits she suggested.
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