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    I am looking to make some light camp shoes/sandals/flip flops.

    I saw on extremtextil that they sell vibram supernewflex and judging from the listed weight, they should come out pretty light.

    I took Merrell Vapor glove 2's last time to the Alps. I think they were 350g for the pair roughly (UK 10.5).

    Strangely I couldnt find any flip flops lighter than that at the time.

    Anyway, I thought if I made the soles on the vibram material and then either fashion a flip flip type fixing made from webbing or an over the top single piece of webbing it could be good. Or use cords and make huaraches.

    Anyone tried this?

    I saw some European fashion sandals using the supernewflex in 4mm with a leather top sole and leather sandal parts.

    Trying to decide on a 50mm piece of webbing simply over the top of the foot and adjusted with velcro.
    Or 25mm webbing in flip flop format.
    Or 4mm cord in huaraches format.

    Probably won't be walking far, just around camp and refuges.

    Any tips?
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    Save time and buy some cheap flip flops?
    I have bought some recently size 47 which are 190g total. And £2 - reduced from £4 for some reason.
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    NDB Unisex Men's Women's Mesh Quick Drying Aqua Water Shoe (11 UK, Black White)

    These in size 39 are 200g and more comfortable than a flip flop.

    Otherwise best tip is to search mesh water shoes but some use a heavy compound on the sole and some use a light one and you don’t know till they arrive. The linked ones are the best I found for comfort weight.
  5. edh

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    Bought some as few years back, 55g a pair.
    I'll remember the name....

    Sprint Aquatics; no longer made maybe...
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