Blue Green Algae on the rise in the Lake District

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  1. Chiseller

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    In case folks haven't seen the warning elsewhere....
    Stay safe and keep your 4 or 2 legged companions safe.
    Original & full article here

    FOLLOWING hot dry weather across Cumbria, the Environment Agency have confirmed reports of Blue Green Algae in three locations across the Lake District.

    Ullswater, Coniston and Killington Lake have all tested positive for potentially toxic Blue Green Algae which can have a negative effect on the appearance, quality and use of the water.

    Throughout the summer months, the Environment Agency test water samples and confirm if Blue Green Algae has been found.
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  2. DuneElliot

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    Nasty stuff...we see it more frequently than we'd like here in the US but it's a part of life that must be dealt with. Definitely deadly stuff for man and beast alike.
  3. Foxster

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    Any idea of BeFree (and other) filters pass it?
  4. gixer

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  5. ColinHawke

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    Although toxic you can’t be too hard on the little beasties as blue-green-algae/cyanobacteria were responsible for earths first oxygen, mostly in algal mounds called stromatolites; so without them we probably wouldn’t be here. Marine variants still produce half of the planets oxygen.

    They do go a little mad in still fresh water when fed too many nutrients usually from agriculture. Definitely don’t want to be playing in or drinking water with a scummy film on it - I always keep an eye on what the dog may be drinking.
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  6. DuneElliot

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    I do understand that....they still produce a lot of much needed oxygen. I believe somewhere I read (although could be completely wrong on what I think I remember) that algae still produces a large percentage of the planet's O2.
  7. Jim_Parkin

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    My understanding is the toxins are dissolved so go striaght through the filters. The algae should be filtered out.
  8. DuneElliot

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    Filters are designed for biological issues only...the algae are large so should be filtered out if you have a fine-weave cloth but will be filtered out with any bio filter.
    Filters like BeFree and the Sawyer only take care of bacterial and protozoa

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