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Discussion in 'Shopping' started by el manana, Jul 5, 2014.

  1. Fred Wanderer

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  2. Jon jons

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    Got tempted for a sec, but have a knot trailstar I'm yet to use....
  3. Chiseller

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    Cheers, I sent the seller a message, asking for the dimensions of the nest. .. Looks quite wide , which is what I'm after.
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  4. Mole

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    20% off any Tundra Pure and Dry model in Red only

    Not the lightest, but top quality fabrics and construction. Had a -10 for 9years.

    Had a PhD hispar 400 to try this winter. Just sold it. A bit underwhelming. Claimed rating of -9c very optimistic for me only had it to -3 and not totally warm even with extra clothing. Better but not much much better than my lighter Alpkit pipedream 400 which I've been using the last 2 weekends. Sticking with my heavier but warmer, roomier, and far more waterproof Tundra, which I've comfortably slept under a tarp in -8c before.
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  5. cathyjc

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    Yup, I had a secondhand PHD Hispar 500 which never seemed to "do what it should". I got it cleaned. Measured the loft - not very good. Blamed the previous owner for bad behaviour. Tried to add extra down to rectify things and then discovered that that didn't work either (loft not much better). I worked out that the internal baffles are not tall enough to allow any higher lofting. Sold it. My Conclusion is that PHD's lighter weight bags are excellent, but I'm very wary of their heavier/thicker offerings now.
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