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Discussion in 'Shopping' started by el manana, Jul 5, 2014.

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    Columbia Ex Featherweight shell for £99 in black, only 1x sm & 1x xl left.
    I got the last L :)
    edit: scratch that is says it has a L left :confuseded:, is this site a con :nailbiting: , scamadviser has it as being ok :bag:
  4. WilliamC

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    It doesn't show an L left for me.
  5. WilliamC

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    @WilliamC sorry, maybe takes awhile for the site to update? (though it did say it didn't have & when I was making the link then when I checked the link to see if it worked it said it had, swear :angelic:)
    The ultra tour 40 is a nice pack when you get it for that price, not worth full price to me, glad I got it at a good deal. The plastic (is it plastic?) framesheet does collapse above the lumbar pad with 10kg+ loads (& like aldi, once its gone, its gone) but I find a good knuckling of that area before you stick it on for the day seems to do the trick otherwise it'll stick into your back or just don't load it up to begin with I suppose :bag:.
  7. Enzo

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    I have a surplus ultra tour 40 if anyone wants one.
  8. el manana

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    Bike24 blow out sale... Some. Dirt. Prices for gucci gear... Just, some sample prices... Just. Lost half an hour scrolling hundreds...
    Norrona Falketind Alpha60 Jacket - 3880 Clean Green XL only.. €75
    Rab Vapour-rise Alpine Jacket - smoke €75 small only
    Mountain Equipment Echo Hooded Jacket ME-002352 - Marmalade XL only

    Norrøna lofoten Alpha raw Zip Hoodie XL only lime green. €63
    loving mine, gutted I can't add another.

    Norrona Roldal Thermal Pro Hoodie - 3875 Iguana €70 XL only... Gutted

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  11. WilliamC

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    I like the first review on Amazon: "Good quality but usles [sic] if you don’t have a place to tie down your tent , dose [sic] not stand alone with out tying it down"
  12. Chiseller

    Chiseller Thru Hiker

    Reminds me of the old msr droid back in the day... I soon got fed up of not being able to sit up and get changed etc... I'd rather stand alone bivi and maybe an ul tarp than go back down that trail....
  13. tom

    tom Thru Hiker

    Suluk 46 TiCa Ice Axe on Massdrop might interest some here - I'm happy wirth mine...
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  14. WilliamC

    WilliamC Thru Hiker

    I like the look (i.e. the weight) of the Tica Ice Axe but have yet to get past the price, the problems with Turkish customs and the lack of UIAA certification.
    With regard to the latter, perhaps someone (@tom, who appears to encounter similar conditions to those outlined below, judging by some of his TRs?) who has used it can give me some insight.
    The Tica is an axe intended for trips where you'll meet occasional snow fields/patches, it seems to me, rather than more full time usage. For me, that means late autumn or more likely spring/early summer at altitude. The snow we encounter then tends to be patches in gulleys and just below passes or drifts over wider tracks. They're often steep (50+ degrees) but often short and ending in boulders or a steeper drop. It's some time since I did any ice axe training, but my feeling is that you'd be in trouble before you'd be able to affect a self-arrest.
    The main use for an axe then, would be for self belaying to avoid a slip leading to a slide in the first place. Is the Tica strong enough for this and if it is, is it any better than a collapsed trekking pole without a basket?
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  15. tom

    tom Thru Hiker

    @WilliamC , I share your thoughts on self-arrest during shoulder or summer sessin as the primary function of a UL ice tool. IMO, the suluk tica does this better than the other UL axes I have seen or tried. The titanium penetrates hard snow and ice as easily as my full spec petzl axe - no camparison with the alu camp or the camp nano for example. Ice axe tests score penetration and I'd give the suluk a high score. The carbon fibre shaft is the obvious weakness (through there is a least one UIAA certified (shaped) carbon shaft ice climbing axe which I've seen in a shop). But - for self arrest the strength of the shaft is much less relevant than for climbing and for example, accidentally hitting rocks. Also, in a self arrest, one hand is close to the axe head and some tie between wrist and head adds extra insurance.

    In climbing, I use the axe(s) to pull myself upward (or even to take my entire suspended weight) which would be "technical use" and is not for the tica obviously. In self-belay, an ice tool provides stability to stop a small slip escalating. I can choose placement of the blade so I don't wrench the shaft if I need to put weight on the hold. On occasions when I used my suluk tica for self belay, for example a very steep descent with basic little steps hacked into the neve, the tica felt perfectly adequate.

    I successfuly ignored the price (didn't look at exchange rates) when I pushed the buy button and not ever regretted this purchase. A friend travelling to the states or Canada would ease the pain of course...

    IMO, with the weight of a chocolate bar, there is simply no excuse to leave this tool at home. I might carry mine for 3 weeks and only use it once or twice but I don't end up taking some stupid risk or giving up a great route because of some 10 meter traverse...
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  16. benp1

    benp1 Summit Camper

    Wow, not seen those before. Very expensive but very nice, and very light.

    I'll stick with my Petzl Glacier for now, but that is a nice bit of kit
  17. slovhike

    slovhike Section Hiker

    @WilliamC I recall Steve from Suluk mentioning Tica is being UIAA certificated but not sure if the item pass the exam. When (if) it does I reckon its the winner.....if you look at the shafts of certified (light) options out there they are much sturdier...but they do Tica with titanium shaft version as well:D.....

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