Bargain Alert - outdoor gear deals worth a look

Discussion in 'Where to buy' started by el manana, Jul 5, 2014.

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    Don't you have to return dt socks to the US and pay for postage?
  3. WilliamC

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    Some Montane samples (therefore limited sizes) on Sportpursuit. The Hydrogen Direct Insulated Jackets look interesting.
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    Tera Nova competition 1 for sale on OM for £130 apparently just needs the inner//outer attachment points re-stitched.
  7. WilliamC

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    Whether this is a bargain will depend on the quality, which I can't vouch for, but the specs look decent.
    Sportpursuit has Zajo carbon trekking poles for £35. The specs say 404g (I'm assuming for the pair), top section is carbon and the lower sections aluminium.
    All I know about Zajo is I have a pair of their Coolmax socks, which have been ok.
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    someone selling up on outdoor gear exchange due to illness

    Duplex, HMG windrider 3400, katabatic quilt

    wont post a link as not everyone is on there but easy to find if a member of the group
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    Can't guarantee its a bargain but... Lidl have camping gear in at the moment and they include a 10° (comfort) bag with a water repellent outer that weights 700g and packs down to c1.5-2.0L for £12.
    I had a similar bag from tesco a few years ago I and it was great for the money.
    There is also a 30L 550g rucksack that seemed well made and had foam back stiffeners, also £12
    Could be worth a look for someone who is starting out and wants cheap gear.
    Paired with a foam mattress and aliexpress tent it could be a lightish set up under £100.
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    Was that the famous Tesco down sleeping bag? I have one of those, excellent value! Does that mean the Lidl one is down too?
    Also look out for Lidl's sun-sail in the next week or two, last couple of years it's been on the shelves around 2st. Marketed as a sun-sail, but it's a rather good PU coated nylon hex tarp.
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    Actually it's here already,
    Just over 650g (when you take off the paracord and steel poles and pegs).
    164" ridgeline (416cm)
    2x58" wide (to narrowest part of cat cut) (2x147cm)
    2x67" to points of cat cut (2x170cm)
    86" on side, between tieouts (218cm)
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    The bag I was was synthetic I think.

    I saw the tarp while I was there but couldn't be sure if it was any good without unboxing it, perhaps I will pop back for another look.
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    Yeah, they are pretty good (for £20). Got one myself last year (and a couple for friends), still going strong had it pitched for nearly a fortnight in the garden.
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    Nice. The OMM Aeon looks a decent price. Not the most breathable, but a good just in case jacket.
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    Shame "it's no longer available".....
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    Size small is still available in mens and Xsmall in womens. So not for most, unfortunately.
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    It was, ghost whisperer on its way
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    jack --3 posts all linked to outdoor aparel on ebay-----any connection???

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