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Discussion in 'Shopping' started by el manana, Jul 5, 2014.

  1. Bopdude

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    I don't remember who I was quoting the last time but it was an online quote, showed the guy in store the screenshot of the item and price and they beat it without question. GoOutdoors doesn't seem to have any limits that I can read ?

    EDIT I just searched, it was Gaynors web site at the time.
  2. Chiseller

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    they will match Amazon, but only if its sold and shipped by amazon. if quoting online prices, they have added the shipping if there is no physical shop to collect from...still bargains to be had though.
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  3. PhilHo

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    Dash4it have two OS maps for £11 just use code OS11.

    I think it ends on 4th or 5th November.
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  4. Rmr

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    Have you tried Ultimate Outdoors?
  5. PhilHo

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    Good tip thanks. Most I need are £4.59. I've not checked if they charge postage though.
  6. Rmr

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    I have a branch in Nottingham so it's really cheap, so not sure about postage.
  7. Rmr

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    Just a thought but what area are you looking for?
  8. PhilHo

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    I've actually ordered what I wanted. They are for TGO planning, some 1:25,000 and 1:50,000 to take with me. I like to collect maps and like the fact that you get a free download to your phone as well.
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    I’m fairly sure Gaia is always on discount - at least those are the prices i saw several months ago.
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    Oh ok, I was a subber earlier, but didn't renew. Now got this email.
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    £77 Inc pp for 500g of 700+ down is hard to argue against. Looks decent to me. 400g shell should be durable if not cutting edge. Almost orange enough for TL ;)
  18. Shewie

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    If anyone spots a heavily discounted Rab Zero G hooded jacket in Ink Blue size L, do shout :)
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  20. el manana

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    If you use wet meals occasionally have some reduced - one a bargain £2 with free delivery. Some include a hot meal kit but its optional to use, you can just ditch it and heat using your pot.
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  22. Lempo

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    11.11. Aliexpress sale, discounts across range of items. Ending in 36h.

    Toaks pots -30%
    3F items -35% etc

    From what I looked at quickly.
  23. PhilHo

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  24. Whiteburn

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    I personally wouldn't look at a remote gas canister stove that doesn't have a pre-heat loop as they're no better than a canister top stove for cold weather performance; the only advantage is stability.
  25. ZenTrekker

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    Alpkit Koro, rebadged Fire-Maple with pre-heater

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