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Discussion in 'Shopping' started by el manana, Jul 5, 2014.

  1. Foxster

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    Actually I'm not sure you aren't correct in a way...

    These are thin items and maybe compared to other Merino tops and leggings they may well contain less of anything. No weight given of course, so hard to tell.
  2. Whiteburn

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    Had some for 2 or 3 years & they're fine though I do just warm hand wash with Ecover delicate.
  3. MartinK9

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    Wearing last years top now. :)
  4. Lamont-Cranston

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    I like their merino stuff. Good quality. But it is on the heavy side for me. Sews up well too. You can hardly see where the sodding moth got it.
  5. Lempo

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  6. el manana

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  7. PhilHo

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    I've heard good things about that Jacket, I wish I had a good excuse to buy one. The Momentum at £126 is also interesting but I've not seen such good reviews.

    For free delivery and returns use promo code MDC8.
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  8. PhilHo

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    Talisker single malt 45.8% £26 Morrisons :)
  9. Charlie83

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    Theres a good reason, tourist fodder:sneaky::biggrin:

    Take one large lump of peat, add some peaty water, drink.

    Open can of cold diet coke, enjoy
  10. PhilHo

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    They have Laphroaig for £23 but I prefer Skye peat to Islay peat.
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  11. paul

    paul Thru Hiker

    I'm not mad on heavy peat. Prefer a neutral east coast light weight. But that said Talisker dark storm in the duty free is exceptional. Takes me back to sleeping in a cabin at minus daft C in the Arctic with @Teepee

    Good times
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  12. Charlie83

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    Even worse, horrendous stuff :D two of my mates are mad for it (and mad on it funnily enough) but they're both mad islanders anyway.

    The McCallum or a Glenmorangie quinta ruban is the limit of my whisky taste
  13. PhilHo

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    I like to try 'em all. Highland Park is particularly unchallenging for peak haters.
  14. MartinK9

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    Apart from the spooning. :eek:

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  15. paul

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    There was none of that. He was on bear patrol and confused me with a sheepskin :bear::bear::bear::bear::bear::panda::panda::panda::panda::panda:
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  16. dovidola

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    Islay peat every time for me - although I'm not fussed if it's one of the others. Or Irish.

    That Talisker Storm is excellent - I take it that's the one @PhilHo is referring to. I wouldn't be able to tell it blind from an Islay product, but then my tasting ability is fairly crude when it comes to spirits. It used to be the standard Talisker, but then they brought in a new 'entry level' Talisker (not nearly as good) to justify a price hike to the original which they gave the new name Storm.

    Laphroaig did a similar thing. The 10 Year was the standard, but in order to charge more for it they invented a new 'entry level' Laphroaig which they call Select (again, not nearly as good). Only the 10 Year or the Quarter Cask are worth bothering with imo, unless you have the kind of pockets which run to their uber-expensive offerings of course.

    There's a distillery in Tobermory on Mull which puts out a delicious and quite affordable peaty whisky from time to time, but you have to keep an eye out to snap it up.

    The Isle of Harris has a new (first ever?) distillery, yet to release its first production which it will call Hearach, but describes the target flavour as not very peaty at all.
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  17. The Cumbrian

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