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  1. tom

    tom Thru Hiker

    I've been using small bamboo pegs for secondary tie outs (mid panel) for most of last year but the bamboo I had didn't feel substantial enough for the main tie outs. But I kept looking for anything suitable and bingo ...
    9mm dia - compared to 8mm dia Easton stakes....


    Bamboo has the same tensil strengh as steel - the weights are good too: 7 to 8gr for the 9mm (top), 5 to 6gr for the 6mm dia small peg (bottom). My reason to look for alternatives was less the weight but mostly hand luggage only flights and I don't trust carbon much in alpine terrain. Pegs are rarely an issue for security wallahs but occasionaly they can be a pain... And the 9mm bamboo stakes should be as strong as the Eastons if not stronger...
  2. craige

    craige Thru Hiker

    Nice, the solid carbon ones that were available on ali Express and @Teepee has used (I believe extensively) look pretty good at a similar weight... don't seem to be available anymore though. Got a link?
  3. tom

    tom Thru Hiker

    @craige - sold as 33cm/9mm knitting needles at "Sewing and Craft Superstore" in Balham, cut down to size and repointed. I don't think they have much of a website but you might find them in similar shops. The "brand" is "Pony" made by "Needle Industries" in India ...
  4. jack4allfriends

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  5. Teepee

    Teepee Thru Hiker


    Noooooooo! :arghh: :depressed:.... I'd forgotten to buy more since last trip, now saying unavailable (in my AE basket). :rolleyeses:

    2nd best stakes I've ever used. I hammered one in with a split....and made 2 pegs out of one.

    Best stakes were frozen Leeks in powder snow. 2 weeks of holding the tarp up, and then got eaten in stew. :hungry:
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  6. craige

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  7. craige

    craige Thru Hiker

    I'd planned to buy some too :confused: they've been unavailable (I couldn't find them) for a while now.

    :hilarious: that made me giggle.
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  8. tom

    tom Thru Hiker

    Bingo - mine came at £6.30 I think...
  9. craige

    craige Thru Hiker

    :thumbsup: they look good. They'll be as strong as the eastons when new, but won't last as long. Once they've been scratched up and dinged a bit they'll be weaker, similar to carbon.
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  10. tom

    tom Thru Hiker

    Look similar enough. There won't be much difference between one piece of solid bamboo and the next as long as the grain is straight and you can get the diameter you want... 8 or 9 mm is generally a good size for stakes in softer ground and that size bamboo will handle some abuse...
  11. jack4allfriends

    jack4allfriends Trekker

    I like that idea. For flights only setup: 4 Ti V stakes (corner stakes) & 6 bamboo 9mm so if ti stakes are confiscated I'd still have main stakes for my mid. Contingency plan :rolleyes:. Hmm..

    I'm not sure about my mental state...:cautious:
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  12. craige

    craige Thru Hiker

    Can't beat the price of these ones though. Think I'll order some to try out.
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  13. stourvalewalker

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  14. cathyjc

    cathyjc Thru Hiker

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  15. Dave V

    Dave V Moderator Staff Member

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  16. Shewie

    Shewie Administrator Staff Member

    Dumb question but would they double their weight with moisture absorbed from soggy ground?
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  17. tom

    tom Thru Hiker

    Shewie, I'm not too worried. Bamboo has one of the tightest wood grain structures (the "harder" the wood, the less water it can absorb). The ones I bought a lackered - I can't be bothered to take that off right now but I'll see how it goes in the Pyrenees in fortnight. The little ones I've been using are lackered and look exactly the same after quite some abuse in volcanic rock etc. But if its a problem I'll go for hot bee wax treatment - hot so it penetrates rather just cover.

    Looking good...

    @cathyjc + @jack4allfriends - on second thought, the 20cm both ends pointed ones on 'bay or ali are probably not worth saving a few quid on. 20cm will only leave a 6" stake and need extra work at the top end to prevent lines slipping off...
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  18. tom

    tom Thru Hiker

  19. ZenTrekker

    ZenTrekker Ultralighter

    Bare Bones Carbon Pegs.jpg
    I use these, they are solid carbon and very, very strong
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  20. tom

    tom Thru Hiker

  21. cathyjc

    cathyjc Thru Hiker

    I've been using bamboo (as in garden canes) as stiffening/mini frame in my frameless packs for years.
    Never had a breakage and the added weight is minimal <50gms (from memory).
    And cheaper than chips given I have the stuff already for gardening.
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  22. jack4allfriends

    jack4allfriends Trekker

    I've found that natural color bamboo is better for stakes than carbonized bamboo (darker shade, brown). For flooring bamboo it's all about the color. Carbonizing bamboo gives the flooring a darker shade.

    From our perspective carbonization weakens the material, making it softer and more brittle, and it increases the bamboo's capacity to absorb water, making it less dimensionally stable.
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