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    Although the video says "upcoming game" this was in reference to a 2016 re-release of a 1993 game about competitive day hiking in the Lake district. Looks to me like it's crying out for a long-distance hike extension. ;)

    The map is cloth so you could bring it along on your next social hike (use it as a towel for multiple-use trail cred).

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    In another life I spend the first Sunday of each month playing board games with friends in a pub. So very relevant and interesting.

    Sadly the manufacturers UK website is now just advertisements for online gambling. The .com one still works but out of stock.

    Seems only available second hand e.g. at silly prices.

    A little googling gives:-

    Review and intetesting variation:

    Winter sequel:

    So if anyone spots a supplier with stock, especially of sequel, do say.
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    I do love the intro to More Backpacks & Blisters: "First there came Backpacks & Blisters. This divided all the inhabitants of the known world into two types: intelligent, sensible, well-adjusted people who like nothing more exciting than to be "Surprise! Surprised!" by their TV sets on a Sunday evening, and those others foolish people who for pleasure - for pleasure! - go and sit on top of steep, back-breaking rocks in the pouring rain, eating their soggy sandwiches and swigging luke-warm cups of coffee; yes, my friends WALKERS!!#??"

    The PDF rules for More Backpacks & Blisters are available here. There are quite a few second-hand first editions (game and expansion) available on eBay. Mostly at silly prices.

    Pages from backpacks_f2f_rules-2 (2).jpg
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