Are small British tent companies any good? For example Trekkertent, Terra Nova, and Lightwave.

Discussion in 'Shelters & Accessories' started by vaguehead, Jan 12, 2021.

  1. Lempo

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    This is exactly what I've thinking lately when I've been watching some YT videos. I'm watching someone (a AU/NZ bloke) who's flip flopping TA and he did some PCT couple of years ago and he's fully kitted with American gear from Dirty Girls to BA Copper Spur. There's nothing wrong with that, but it just shows you the influence of American videos & marketing. There are also couple of UK YouTubers who are heavily influenced by this.

    I'm not impartial to this myself. When I got back into hiking a few years ago, I came across r/Ultralight, which of course is full of Americans with experience from mostly US trails with US kit. It wasn't until I move back to UK and found this forum and did some hiking here in the UK, I realised that some of the US kit doesn't really work here or some other terrains. So thank you for educating me. :finger:
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  2. Bmblbzzz

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    Hilleberg prices.
  3. Charlie83

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    I came across two lads on YouTube doing Skye the other day, that looked like Darwin clones.

    Decent quality filming mind
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  4. Lempo

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    That's the most important part of hiking experience.
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  5. vaguehead

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    Well, yeah. Hilleberg prices for a Vango... The people that make the cheap plastic apartments that spring up on every camp site in summer.
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  6. Charlie83

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    Always helps if your maybe hoping to gain some sort of recompense from viewing figures.

    I tend to look around more when filming walks, although I couldn't be arsed with all the arty sh!te the good youtubers do, must double the distance forever going back to collect the camera
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  7. vaguehead

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    I know I did was influenced by them. After I finished the Camino Frances I was Googling around long distance hiking and found Darwin and Dixie. Then the PCT gear survey site. I'm sat in the office living vicariously with videos of people's trips on the PCT and 'min maxing' gear ( an RPG / videogame concept) because I like doing that sort of thing ( Pretty soon I'm ashamed of the 1.5kg 35l Fjallraven Abisko Fruilift I did the Camino with and start to think the way forward is miniamilist DCF bags. Need a tent made of it too. That 100g £200 rain jacket is just the ticket too, perfect for Wales. It took me a long time to realise that a lot of this stuff isn't good for the UK. I guess a lot of people are the same.
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  8. SteG

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    Yes your right...
    I do like the abisko 35L, hope you kept it:)
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  9. vaguehead

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    I regret that I sold it in the fit of shame! I blame YouTube. Great pack though.
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  10. vaguehead

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    There's one lad called 'The Trail Hunter' who did Skye recently. He's got a Zpacks DCF tent and an Atompack. But to be fair I think he's done a good amount of US trails.
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  11. Lempo

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  12. Baldy

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    Renegade Scot has some nice kit and a nice attitude.
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    Nah, wasn't him, was a pair of chaps kitted out in identical gear, could have been squaddies as they joined their tents together for snuggles. They did a decent job of the filming, showed the trail/scenery off quite well. Trailhunters the lad that got heat from half the world and atom packs for continuing on the pct when the covid **** 1st started.
  14. Lempo

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    He did a section of PCT and got much slack for doing it during pandemic and got shamed off the trail and deleted all the videos.

    His videos are good quality and he clearly tries hard to become like a US YouTube hiker, but it does fall short at times, I put it down to age and inexperience. (I don't have that much experience due to my 30 year break from hiking, but I know what I know and what I don't and don't put it out there as the truth).

    He did SDW and SWCP, and WHW I think, and Fisherman's trail(?) in Portugal.
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  15. Charlie83

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    What's the SDW?
  16. Lempo

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    South Downs Way
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  17. edh

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    The USA is quite....big...
    And quite wet...
    And quite windy...
    And quite cold...

    It's not all West coast PCT.....and much of the gear from the US works well here, and in Europe and the extra-USA places I've backpacked.

    Because much of it is well-designed, tried, and tested.

    You can walk with virtually any old sh*te gear. I'm sure many of us have; experience is a more useful yardstick.

    Rather than agonising over gear choices.......use the gear you have. More.
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  18. Mole

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    Doubt any of these UK tubehikers have anything on the legend that is John Merril :)

    (Or EdH even;))
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  19. edh

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    The King of chocolate bar nutrition :D

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  20. Mole

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  21. Jmws

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    Couldn’t agree more.
    There are some that are quite hung up on supposed kit that is ‘fit’ and shun kit they don’t know. I had one ML course where the instructor argued that my MLD trailstar was not an appropriate shelter for mountain use. Oh how I smiled when the wind picked up and my shelter was one of the few still standing in the morning.

    Kit is only as good as the knowledge and experience of those that use it. I know from experience which conditions I could use my zpacks pocket tarp for example, which is why I have several different shelters ...use the kit you have, enjoy it and then .... buy more ....
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  22. vaguehead

    vaguehead Trail Blazer

    But I enjoy the agonising! I like comparing gear, switching from AliExpress to some US cottage company and back. The pros and cons, the min maxing. I enjoy watching the videos. I l love the business and economics of it even. Living in Cambridgeshire it's a long drive to good hiking spots. And there's covid and lockdown slowing if not outright stopping everything. Even in normal times I can't afford to spend large chunks of my life crisscrossing Spain on Camino. Or on the Israel Trail, TA or Cape Wrath. As much as I'd like to do just that.

    So I do what I like and what I can right now.
  23. Rog Tallbloke

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    Speccing materials and designing the lightest bestest gear for you but never getting around to making it has kept my wallet fuller and my gear cupboard clearer for years. Two days before the trip I just get out the same old kit and go for it.
  24. Ed the Ted

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    My fav youtube hiking video of all time is called 'HOOKS' by Stephen Pern. He lives near Brighton, set off from his front door to screw a hook into the back of every bothy in the whole UK. Self filmed, self narrated, turns it into a one hour 50 minutes film.

    Not a whiff of product discussion, or latest and greatest shiny stuff, theres a few shots where you could work out what his tent is if you already recognise it, massive rucksack, leather boots, doesn't discuss any of it, its ALL about the landscape and the experience. I love it.

    Sure he would have been happier with a tiny bag of stuff if he could achieve the same comfort, but the film would have been ruined if it would have made it into an exercise in advertisement or glorifying outdoor gear consumption.
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  25. Cranston

    Cranston Thru Hiker

    Hooks is a little cracker of a film.

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