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  1. tom

    tom Section Hiker

    My squeak only happens occasionally and for a time - an hour or two - and then stops again without any discernable reason. IMO, the zpacks frame and adjustable hight make this an amazing comfortable pack. I downsized from a Mariposa to 55lt and its been a perfect size for my long 3 season hikes. No issues apart from the sqeak in nearly years (well over 150 days on trail)...
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  2. tom

    tom Section Hiker

    Having read a bit further now (did't realize how long this thread had neen going earlier), a few thoughts:
    - I don't think beafyness is an issue here (I am not beafy either), shoulder shapes is more likely the issue.
    - I'd second Gixer's point about height adjustment.
    - Finally, on my arcblast, the shoulder strap anchor points are actually quite close together - its the load lifters that pulls them apart. I know some people like loadlifters but I don't find them useful or necessary at all. I'd try losening the load lifter straps all the way to check if that makes a difference. Also, on my arcblast, the hight adjusting straps have some play and could be pulled together further (with a ribbon for testing out)...
  3. Clare

    Clare Section Hiker

    Thanks all for the suggestions. Robert's idea of moving the load lifter straps to the V strap attachment points is good, I've tried that. If it continues to be good with a load then I'll need to cut and re-sew the line locs/buckles as they are facing contrary-wise for the V straps. But I'll try it out on a bodge basis first.

    I've tried the back height in many different formulations. Like Gixer, and probably most people, I prefer the majority of the weight on my hips. That requires a longer length than the optimum length to get the straps to sit nicely over my shoulders so there's a conflict there but on the whole I think I'm fussing too much. I haven't yet been on a walk as I've been away for a couple of months. The best thing will be to fiddle around with it while I'm actually on a walk. Also yanking the height adjusting straps together as per Tom's suggestion will help too. I really like the pack and now that I'm back home I've been able to compare with my exos, which it turns out is much worse, the straps don't even wrap over the top of my shoulders and I've walked many fully loaded walks with that pack and never felt a need to complain!
  4. maddogs

    maddogs Summit Camper

    Hi, @Clare , any thoughts on the volume of the ArcHaul vs your Exos48?
  5. Clare

    Clare Section Hiker

    hi. I haven't fully packed the Haul versus the Exos but if I put my quilt at the bottom of each in a fairly loose stuff sack and the Notch on top of that then the main difference is that the notch is nearly at the top of the sac in the Exos whereas there is still loads of collar space in the Haul. By "loads" I mean at least another 10". The interior of the Haul sac also has more room left over as it is deeper (back to front). With the Exos fully packed for a long walk I didn't have much space for food but I am sure this will never be a problem with the Haul. NB my pack is an Exos 46, the older smaller and heavier version before it was re-issued as Exos 48. I am pretty sure that I will never use all the space in the Haul but since it can be cinched smaller with the cords down the sides and since I chose the mod that enables you to clip the fold over top down the sides, a too big pack won't be a problem for me.
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  6. maddogs

    maddogs Summit Camper

    awesome, thank you so much for the comparison :)
    I hope you get the shoulder straps sorted and comforatble.
  7. Clare

    Clare Section Hiker

    so, finally and sadly, I have given up on this pack and posted it back to Zpacks for a refund. A dream dies :cry:. The straps are just too wide and dig in all the wrong places. They suggested that I get an ArcScout which is designed for the tiny people and has narrower straps but is only 37l in the main body, which seems a bit small and I've run out of friends going state side in the near future. SAD.
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  8. Mole

    Mole Thru Hiker

    Aw. What a pity.
    Packs are definitely like shoes - need to fit and be comfortable.
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  9. DuneElliot

    DuneElliot Ultralighter

    Well if it doesn't work for you, it doesn't work for you. I've had Steve Kammeyer, the owner of ULA, try to convince me he could fit a pack to me and it would work well and be comfortable but I already know I need something different. The Arc Haul and Exos line work great for me but don't work for everyone. I hope you find what you need.

    What are you looking at now?
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  10. Enzo

    Enzo Thru Hiker

    If you wanted something custom, any of the cottage guys should be able to make something to your measurements that fits surely, even if its just to copy the dimensions of the straps/ back system of a pack you know does fit, your exos or whatever?
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  11. Clare

    Clare Section Hiker

    I ordered an Atom Prospector 45l with 2.5" straps, set 1/4" more closely together than standard, I was trying to mirror the setting on the Exos straps but they're fixed differently, sort of like a harness rather than into the top seam, so it's a bit of a wild guess. We shall see. Meanwhile, my ancient Exos lives another day.
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  12. Enzo

    Enzo Thru Hiker

    Its a dark secret of mine that I'd like to at least try an exos on one day.
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  13. gixer

    gixer Thru Hiker

    Wasn't a fan me self

    No matter how much I tightened the volume straps it was floppy.

    Waist straps were terrible

    Tried everything b it they came loose every 10mins

    Wore mine once then gave it to my brother.
    Not particularly light either
  14. maddogs

    maddogs Summit Camper

    Just briefly resurrecting this thread to say I also tried and sadly returned an Arc Haul. Maybe my notes will be useful for others:

    For reference, the capacity is notably larger than a 2014 model Osprey Exos 48 (Medium). Roughly the same width, a bit deeper and a lot taller (though of course as it's a roll top this can be reduced easily) and a bear can (Bearikade Expedition) fits very comfortably (vertically). It's a much more "square" bag; I find the Exos is quite curvy and ends up with empty bits in the bottom which I struggle to cram gear into.

    In terms of fit, I really liked the wide, firm shoulder straps. On my fairly small 5'7' frame, they were just close enough together to fit. I found the mesh back panel too narrow and could feel the edges of it running over my shoulder blades. In comparison, the Exos mesh is much wider where it contacts the back/shoulders. The main issue for me though was that the hip belt seemed to be trying to cut me in half like a cheese wire. The load seems to pull the belt back, and the bag sags a little at the back, pulling the back of the belt down and the front of the belt up, just a little. The small buckle and 2 thin straps cut into my (over large!) stomach :( . On the Exos, the load seems to push forward into the back of the pelvis and also pull back on the front of the iliac crest which I find a comfortable distribution. Maybe the single buckle wide belt helps too? but with both bags, I have only 1.5" of webbing either side of the buckle before the padding starts. This latter weight on the iliac crest is notably missing on the Arc Haul for me and the cheese wire effect made it unbearable with 13kg (weight with 7 day resupply in the bear can) after only 10 mins or so. Gutted as its a fabulous looking design, the bag and the pockets are great and I love the bright orange!

    Ho Hum.

    Just ordered a GG Mariposa to try instead....and a Scout for my wife to try!
  15. Clare

    Clare Section Hiker

    I’m happy with the scout. It’s 17.5 « back length is a wee bit short for me but if I slacken off the load lifters and jiggle the waist belt around so that it sits as low as possible before tightening then it works. The excellent fit of the shoulder straps and all it’s other great features make up for it.
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