Airplane Mode and Battery Life

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    Android you can see how much each app uses and it will ask to turn them off if not in use...
    Not a clue on iphone tho sorry.
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    I normally looking at my Daughter and repeating What WTF our did you do That!
    Then out comes the map together with pen and paper :/
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    I've just returned from a delightful few days/nights in the Wasdale side valleys. On Red Pike I chatted to a nice chap who I noticed had several battery packs strapped to his belt (and he only a day hiker!), into which, he explained, he kept his iPhone permanently plugged because it ran used power so rapidly. He said his system didn't work well because he was trying to access an internet-based mapping app, but seldom got an internet signal....

    1. Download Maps
    2. Airplane Mode

    Just occasionally, it's nice to come away with a little warm feeling from having helped somebody!

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