Aegismax Nano 2 - 0°C test (SPOILER ALERT - they got the temperature ratings wrong!)

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  1. Fubuki

    Fubuki Summit Camper

    I've had the Nano 2 for a couple of years now and it's been my go to bag for spring, autumn and winter camping.

    Link to YouTube temperature rating test:

    I think I paid about £70/$94 for the large Nano 2 but I've seen it cheaper depending on sales. I've been really impressed with the bag so far - it's a basic design (no neck baffles) but the workmanship looks good.

    Last week I took it out for a temperature rating test. I slept in a set of merino wool thermals, some thick hiking socks and a wooly hat. I used the thermarest xlite pad (regular) and slept under the Asta Gear Windwisper2 tent with a 4 season 3FUL inner tent. There was a slight breeze during the night and the temperature dropped to just below 0°C / 32F (recorded on a bluetooth thermometer). In the morning there was a frost on the grass and ice had formed on standing water.

    At no point during the night did my feet, legs, body or arms feel cold. In fact I would go ask far as to say I felt warm all night. I slept with my head out of the bag most of the night but pulled the bag over my head in the early hours as my face was feeling cold. The bag is really long and I think someone up to 6ft 2 with medium build would comfortably fit fully inside the bag.

    In conclusion I think Aegismax have got the temperature rating (5°C comfort 0°C minimum) for this bag wrong. I would say this bag has a comfort rating of 0°C and a minimum temperature of -5°C and I'm not a particularly warm sleeper (always the last to take my coat off at work!).

    The Nano 2 bags feature:
    - box baffles throughout
    - a box foot
    - zelcro and drawcord closure at the top
    - a 3/4 length 2-way YKK zips
    - 15 denier water repellent nylon
    - 800 fill power hydrophobic down
    - a compression sack and a mesh storage bag

    The large size Nano 2 is 210cm long (advertised as 200cm) and weighs 798g / 28.1oz in the stuff sack (advertised 742g / 26.2oz).
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  2. Coruscation

    Coruscation Hiker

    Brilliant review, short and to the point. Thank you.

    May I ask where you purchased this from? perhaps with a link?
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  3. Fubuki

    Fubuki Summit Camper

    Thanks :). There's a few sellers on Aliexpress but these guys get good reviews
    The model I have is the Nano 2 in large.
  4. turkeyphant

    turkeyphant Trail Blazer

    For reference, the fill weight is 400g of 800fp (350g in M).
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  5. Fubuki

    Fubuki Summit Camper

    I've found the large size really spacious (I've got about 4-5 inches to spare) and have had feedback from other Nano 2 users that the medium is plenty big enough for people at 5ft 10. I could have probably got away with the medium. If the medium bag offers the same performance as the large at a lower cost (about £10 less) and weight (about 120g less) then that makes this bag even better!
  6. The Cumbrian

    The Cumbrian Ultralighter

    I've had a similar experience with mine. Sleeping in a Zpacks Altaplex, using a Thermarest Uberlite and wearing base layers, a fleece hoody and a thin hat I've been out in mine in freezing conditions. I didn't measure the temperature but it was cold enough to give a heavy frost and freeze deep puddles solid. The Nano 2 wasn't the weakest link either; it was the mat that seemed to be at it's limit, feeling cool but not enough to wake me.
    For reference I'm 6' and broad shouldered and the bag fits me really well.

    Cheers, Michael.
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  7. subguy

    subguy Day Walker

    Just got my Aegismax Nano2 large and would tend to agree with the original post. I tested it on a rainy 41F night (5C) and was perfectly comfortable. I ended up shedding my extra layers including my socks and was still warm. I can't say how much colder but 41F/5C was fine which I believe is the comfort rating. I am six feet and zero inches tall and the large was a good choice, maybe even a couple inches too long for me. I did a bunch of research and this seemed like the winner of the budget / ultralight category. Its a bit heavier than the Mini or M2 but the right comprimise for me.

    Aegis Max Comparison
    Mini 523g/18.6 oz $83 52F comfort
    M2 698g/24.6 oz $106 45F comfort, through stitching
    Nano2 742g/26.2 oz $104 41F comfort, no through stitching
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  8. Henry

    Henry Ultralighter

    Just to add I got a Nano2 medium. Good fit, head exposed and I’m 5 foot 10, slim (ish) build.

    And 120g better off...
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