4mm semi rigid plastic tube

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    3mm shock cord passes through the pen tube, through the line lock, I put a knot to stop it slipping through the line lock. It is tied to the hook ring and just has a reef knot and whipping to close the loop. I was going to use some mini carabiners and 3mm polyprop to guy out.

    With the carbon tubes, when they arrive, I plan to use some 0.8mm polyester cord I have and pass this through the tube, sewing it into the tape top and bottom, much closer in. Then I'll have a separate piece of 3mm braided polyprop to guy each out, using the line lock as it was designed to be used. I'm going to experiment with a bit of shock cord from a loop in the guy to the plastic hook. I'll post something once I have it right.


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    The carbon fibre rods have arrived. I may have time to have a go at setting it up with them tonight. Interestingly @Rog Tallbloke they came from Otley!
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    I think I might know the guy. I scared him when I went round to check his 1m long 10mm dia rolled wrapped tube for rigidity. I grasped it firmly at each end and bent it into a bow. He nearly had a kitten on the spot. :roflmao:
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    I've done one with the carbon fibre. Much nicer job IMO. I've "sewn" a sleeve in the web tape at the bottom for it to slot in using 0.7mm whipping twine. I've pssed a double thickness of the twine through the hole and through the tapes, top and bottom. The sewing is a bit gash but it is very strong.

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